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Saying Goodbye

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Mental Health Tips : How to Cope With the Death of a Loved One

Video about coping with illness of a loved one:

Coping with illness of a loved one

They are free and confidential. While virtually every family will experience each stage, you should not expect one stage to simply end and another to begin. If you think the person is hanging on for your sake, it's OK to say that you'll be all right and that they can let go. Seek support for yourself While you're focusing on helping your loved one, it's also important to take care of yourself — physically and emotionally. And often it can be hard to know how to best help and support your loved one. It opens the door to empathy. My main suggestion is to be present and try not to say something that can be construed as offensive. Others may be hurtful or destructive, like substance abuse or isolation. How much money do we need to prepare for a longer life? Coping with illness of a loved one

Coping with illness of a loved one

Coping with illness of a loved one

Coping with illness of a loved one

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