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Why Do Some Men Have Such Big Butts?

   20.06.2018  4 Comments

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I Want To Make My 70inch Booty BIGGER - HOOKED ON THE LOOK

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Men with huge butts

They like to grab it and play with it, especially in the bedroom. Also, it is a perfect place for them to place their hands on their waist. Women with them are seen as sex symbols and are very desirable. There are entire exercise regimens aimed at giving women bigger butts. Men with huge butts

Men with huge butts

Men with huge butts

Men with huge butts

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  1. They lower the risk of high cholesterol Girls who have big butts are not in danger of getting sick by a chronic illness. Let us examine some of the possible reasons for why a man might have a big butt. They will check out her eyes, her smile, and her hair and last but not least, they will check out her body—including her butt.

  2. As noted by user tpt on the Bodybuilding. We appreciate a man's butt when it is firm or sculpted, but rarely do we see or celebrate a man's butt for being big.

  3. As a result of it being more rare in men, and perhaps more culturally associated with an effeminate shape, the internet is full of dudes who are stressed out about the size of their butts. Women, on the one hand, like to look lean and long in their jeans, while men like women who look curvy in their jeans.

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