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How to Use a Butt Plug: The Complete Anal Plug Guide

   06.07.2018  4 Comments

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How to put in a butt plug

You can toss silicone plugs in a dishwasher, Schmit says, and our favorite three nonporous materials — tempered glass, silicone, and stainless steel — can be boiled like lobsters to disinfect them, provided that they don't contain motors. You want to be gentle with them when inserting anything into your butt. Vibrating anal plugs like the Novice Plug, Rimming Plug 2, and the Trio Plug can add some wonderful sensations during sex. Never share anal toys given the risk of transmitting infections, viruses, or bacteria. Our top stories delivered straight to your inbox weekly Maya Khamala Maya Khamala is a Montreal-based freelance writer, fire starter, and erotic adventurer. But with practice you should be able to use the larger sizes with no problem. How to put in a butt plug

How to put in a butt plug

How to put in a butt plug

How to put in a butt plug

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  1. Wash your butt plug Wash your butt plug with hot water and soap immediately after use and let it air-dry. The Healthy Bear , a gay sex education website, recommends using butt plugs made from silicone, vinyl, or rubber. Go to the bathroom Go to the bathroom first if you have to go.

  2. This is because your anal tissue is extra sensitive, and although this means it can make anal feel amazing. You are about to go to Bellesa.

  3. Sure, I could have tried using my vibrator or dildo anally, but neither of them had a flared base or stopping point on them. They're awesome for anal play, as they're thick and tend to last longer than water-based varieties, but silicone breaks down silicone.

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