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Men’s favourite boob type REVEALED by scientists who analysed every shape and size

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Long nipples?

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Women with pointy boobs

For this kind of bust, ThirdLove recommends a T-shirt bra — because it helps to smooths over the shape and draw them in. There are apparently nine different types of boobs… so which ones do YOU have? In some cases the nipple itself may protrude too much, be too wide or be an uneven shape, all of which can cause embarrassment and low self-confidence. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Women with pointy boobs

Women with pointy boobs

Women with pointy boobs

Women with pointy boobs

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  1. Inverted nipples can be treated non-surgically or through a minor surgical procedure. The grade of nipple inversion will determine which treatment is the right one for you. ThirdLove Bell shapes are similar to but larger than slender shapes Athletic Women with athletic boobs tend to have wider, more muscular breasts with less tissue.

  2. Typically, those who suffer with oversized nipples avoid wearing tight clothing or doing activities which require them show their chest. Large breasts can cause women a number of difficulties, including back pain, neck pain, postural problems, exercise difficulty, difficulty in finding clothes that fit and recurrent infections in the fold under the breasts such as impetigo.

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