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Models Wearing 3 Breasts Strut Down The Runway At Milan Fashion Week

   22.07.2018  4 Comments

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People With Extra Body Parts! Jasmine Tridevil and More!

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Three boobs image

But that didn't mean that the collection was all army cameo or ripped shirts. News' calls to Jasmine Tridevil have gone unanswered. Case in point: The year-old keeps male slaves and claims to have her name tattooed on to 11 men Compelling evidence of hoax: Three boobs image

Three boobs image

Three boobs image

Three boobs image

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  1. Instagram This is exactly why people have trust issues. Tampa's 10 News received an incident report from Tampa International Airport, where earlier this month Tridevil Hessler reported her baggage had been stolen.

  2. They will criticize it or will love it and ask for a picture. But she admits that she had encountered difficulty when trying to find a surgeon who would perform the procedure.

  3. But that didn't mean that the collection was all army cameo or ripped shirts. Before and after: Yep, you read that right—"3 breast prosthesis.

  4. The above property receipt shows that Hessler's suitcase was stolen at Tampa International Aiport and returned earlier this month with a '3 breast prosthesis' inside 'Sexually I just did not want to be approached by men anymore. Italian streetstyle brand GCDS sent three breasted models down the Milan runway, adding in extra curves to their designs. The viral sensation - who is cashing in on her new found fame with a self-written pop song - Born to Serve - wants to keep on shocking the world with her outrageous lifestyle.

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