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How soon is too soon?

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Widowers and Marriage

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Widowed men remarry

During the previous 23 years, I had been single for about six months. In the same half century, marriage has fallen quite markedly out of favor among the young. Serial Remarriage: Susswein, a Long Island salesman, who was married for 37 years to his wife, Phyllis, who died in after battling cancer. Ann Clin Psychiatry. Continue reading the main story The women whom widowers marry often feel they are being measured against the idealized first wife, said Ms. Not with the passage of time. Remarriage does not equal forgetting -- let no one tell you otherwise. Newsletter Sign Up Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. Within a few weeks, his year-old European au pair was waiting for him in his bed. Widowed men remarry

Widowed men remarry

Widowed men remarry

Widowed men remarry

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  1. And there was a definite edge to some of it. Susswein, 70, said. It boils down to differences between the sexes:

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