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Months of Torture

   19.08.2018  1 Comments

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Electric Torture is Bad for Morale

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Electric torture

Unfortunately for them, Blacky is an electrician by trade and has become utterly impervious to electric shocks. Also subverted somewhat in that Niska did cut off Mal's ear and used some kind of under-the-skin torture thingy. Alternatively two wires are wound around each ear or one around each ankle or one around a finger and the other around the penis. That day a delegation came from the International Red Cross. Peace Walker also has this happening to Big Boss. One of the tortures is electrocution. Recently, however, statements by the President of the Republic and the Minister of Justice, as well as reports by the local and international press, make us believe that we are more protected against such reprisals. Elle Bishop of Heroes - does this to pretty much everyone she meets, even those she likes, particularly Sandra Bennett and then Sylar - though, he literally asked for it. Electric torture

Electric torture

Electric torture

Electric torture

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