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Charcoal Grey Suit: Shirt and Tie Combinations

   22.01.2019  1 Comments

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Gray suit and tie combinations

Wearing a grey suit puts your suit, shirt and tie combination in risk of looking dated. Alternatively, you could keep the pocket square safe and go for a plain white square with a flat fold, and then go for a green or patterned tie as your flare piece. Grey suit navy shirt black tie - Choose a dark grey for this combination to create a neat, subtle contrast. For more formal occasions keep your shirt options safe and then you can be much more flamboyant with your accessories. Grey Suit Combinations Share: Firstly, there is the shade. Think about the context of where you are going, to inform your decision on how to wear your charcoal grey suit. However, we feel that this look has become such a staple that it actually comes across as bland. Gray suit and tie combinations

Gray suit and tie combinations

Gray suit and tie combinations

Gray suit and tie combinations

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  1. In terms of what you wear with it, a stylish choice is to choose a flat coloured shirt and then wear a tie that is at least one or two shades darker. Throw in a pair of crazy socks for some flair, and personality.

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