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Son blackmails mother for anal sex

Let me explain; my 15 year old son was staying with me after having yet another argument with his father who he actually lived with. Then I would look forward to Friday and Saturday nights when you would both come home drunk. It only took a couple of minutes to change my panties and put my dress back on. The dirtier the names my son called me the hotter and wetter I became. His dick was still stiff when he withdrew from my gaping hole; leaving my cunt feeling empty and the lips flapping like flags in the wind, as his warm juice dripped out and splashed onto the carpet. I was in raptures as his big fat bell-end bashed against my cervix. Son blackmails mother for anal sex

Son blackmails mother for anal sex

Son blackmails mother for anal sex

Son blackmails mother for anal sex

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  1. I tried to ignore him as I began preparing the evening meal. Three empty lager cans were scattered among a dozen or so soiled Kleenex tissues on the carpet. I then sexily pulled my t-shirt over my head and unclipped my frilly bra.

  2. As soon as his knob touched my cervix he immediately pulled back until his cock nearly came out… then taking his weight onto his toes and hands…he pounded my cunt like a wild animal!

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