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Trying TAMPON For The FIRST Time… Period Talk With FionaFrills

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How to wear tampons for the first time

When you are nervous, your muscles tense up, which can make inserting the tampon more difficult. To lessen your risk of developing TSS, follow these tips when using tampons: All underwear is final sale. If you can't find the string to easily pull your tampon out don't panic! See picture 3 Make sure that the string hangs outside of your vaginal opening. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, you may have inserted the tampon incorrectly or the tampon may not be placed far enough into your vagina. They are made of soft cotton pressed together to form a cylinder-like shape, so that they can be easily inserted into the opening of the vagina. Tampons are products used to absorb your menstrual flow. Most people can use tampons throughout their reproductive years without any problems. How to wear tampons for the first time

How to wear tampons for the first time

How to wear tampons for the first time

How to wear tampons for the first time

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